About Care Packages

Care Packages are made by and for University of Minnesota students! A team of University of Minnesota students creates the theme for each care package, selects the items, designs the packaging, develops the marketing strategy and assembles the package. Our care package program helps UMN students apply what they’re learning in their business and design classes in a real-world setting.

Each Care Package is carefully designed with a theme in mind for Gophers. Whether it’s building connections with roommates or celebrating homecoming, Care Packages are a perfect way to make your Gopher know you’re thinking of them from miles away. Care Packages also allow for a personal note to be attached to them, making students feel even closer to home.

The care package program is a part of Student Unions & Activities, a unit of the Office for Student Affairs. Student Unions & Activities provides convenient services for a diverse community to get involved, experience events, and develop skills to enhance the social, educational, and cultural environment of the University of Minnesota.

Contact Information

Gopher Express Address
300 Washington Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0110

Phone: (612) 626-1912
Email: carepack@umn.edu

Care Packages